We manufacture and install Concrete Precast Staircases and Shutter Staircases.

We have supplied and installed them on residential developments as well as for commercial projects such as shopping malls and retail business.  Once off designs can also be manufactured for your specific needs.  Our staircases are designed with current Best Practice criteria and are signed off with a duly engineering certificate of completion.

Our Standard Moulds for Precast Stair strings are:


Pre-cast stairs are made at the sites by placing together a given number of 150 mm precast concrete strings. Those strings contain in themselves all the rebar/steel required to ensure the safety and integrity of the staircase. The strings are manufactured and casted under controlled environment at our workshops.

The geometry of a staircase is determined by the combination of threads and risers and very importantly on the space that is available to fit it into the building.


These staircases offer the possibility of round or curved lines in the structure. They are made off in similar fashion to Cage Beams. Once the manufacture is completed in our workshop, they are transported to the site whether complete or in sections. Once there, they get assembled, propped and the rebar inside the cages is positioned and fixed. When all is done, the shutters are filled with structural concrete minimum 25 MPa. A curing time of 21 days is needed to take the propping off but the stairs can be used after a few days of concrete placement.

Craftsmanship and a wealth of experience is essential for these type of stairs.

300mm thread x 170mm risers
270mm thread x 170mm risers
250mm thread x 190 mm risers

The main advantages of this system are:

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