Blocks are made up of sand, cement and aggregates. In a rather dry mix, they are moulded to the various shapes and dimensions.

The size of blocks to be used in a given slab is generally defined by the distance between load bearing support of the structure and maximum allowable deflections. This in turn determines the thickness of the slab.

B and V slab supplies what is known as the “B” series of blocks as well as the “S” series. The main difference between them is the width of the block. The B series has a 500 mm width whereas the S series is only 450 mm.  In a single lintel layout, this translates into a constant pattern made of lintel+ block+ lintel which is 650 mm centre lines for the B series and 600 mm for the S Series.

The blocks are not structural components of the slab. They are used to create a shutter to allow high strength concrete to be poured and casted over them. They are made hollowed to avoid excessive weight as well as to permit better heat and acoustic insulation characteristics.


Block CodeSlab SelectionWeightSize (WxBxH)Slab Depth
B1133 Kg500 x 220 x 230300
B2222.5 Kg500 x 220 x 150200
B3320 Kg500 x 220 x 110170
B4427.5 Kg500 x 220 x 190255
B5542 Kg500 x 220 x 285340


Block CodeSlab SelectionWeightSize (WxBxH)Slab Depth
S120120 Kg450 x 220 x 120170
S150224.8 Kg450 x 220 x 150200
S205328.2 Kg450 x 220 x 205255
S290432.6 Kg450 x 220 x 290340

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